Mădălina Vlădău

The best tips and tricks for live operations in mobile games

Nora Hurd

Writer: Nora Hurd
Title: Community Communications and Event Specialist

What are the best practices to keep your players engaged with your game? Our Associate Live Operations Manager, Mădălina Vlădău, shares her insights on the most common practices of live operations.

Mădălina Vlădău started out almost eight years ago at Ubisoft Bucharest as a game tester on Watch Dogs. Now, she’s an Associate LiveOps Manager here at Ubisoft RedLynx, Helsinki and part of the South Park: Phone Destroyer’s Live Ops team.

When developing your game, it’s important to set your game’s core KPIs (key performance indicators). The KPIs that will bring the most value to your game are acquisition, retention and monetization. Each of these can be further measured by more concise KPIs, and its good practice to analyze their performance to guide you in your game development. Let’s take a quick look at the core KPIs and what they mean.

Acquisition is all about getting your target audience in the game, for example, through player acquisition and marketing campaigns. Retention is at the core of Live Ops: keeping your players engaged with the game for as long as possible. Which is why you should build and nourish your game community. Monetization is commonly considered to be the most important thing of a game:

“I think monetization is important but not as important as retention. The best monetization practices cannot overcome a lack of active users”

There are many ways to support these practices. So how can you keep your players engaged with the game or run successful community events on social media? Check out Madalina’s tips in this video:



This presentation was originally held at We Love Games, a one-day-conference in Helsinki that focuses on women in games and tech development. “W” stands for women but also for “we” as we people, we who play and make games, we of all backgrounds and interests that games bring together and make all differences disappear.