Big and small screens in perfect harmony

Welcome to Ubisoft RedLynx, our game development studio located in Helsinki, one of the world’s top cities to live in. We bring console/PC and mobile game development together under one roof, cherishing this unique combination. We get to work with both worlds, learning and sharing our knowledge with each other along the way.

We’re a team of experienced developers, creatives and business professionals taking great pride in our work.

Staying on the top of the game

As one of the biggest and longest-standing game studios in Finland, we want to surprise people with the unexpected and create impactful game experiences that stand the test of time.

Our newest title, Gwen’s Getaway, is a cozy decoration puzzle game on mobile. We’re also working with the team developing Ubisoft Scalar, a platform-agnostic, cutting-edge technology by Ubisoft and bringing the renowned Rainbow Six® experience to mobile platforms with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Mobile. In addition, we’re collaborating on Tom Clancy’s The Division® Heartland and Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2. We’re also supporting Massive Entertainment in developing Star Wars Outlaws.

Our rich portfolio also includes games like the action-packed South Park: Phone Destroyer and the popular Trials series.

Two devs from Ubisoft RedLynx playing console games
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We’re in good company

We’re part of Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services. Every day, we’re surrounded by enthusiastic experts tackling game-changing challenges in entertainment and beyond.  At Ubisoft, we’re always looking for technical innovation that will allow us to make better games.

Belonging to the  Ubisoft family brings tons of benefits, including vast resources and support, plus the opportunity to collaborate on exciting projects with high production value.

creative brains bursting with ideas

creative brains bursting with ideas



enthusiastic colleagues globally at Ubisoft

enthusiastic colleagues globally at Ubisoft

Breaking boundaries is what we do

Our purpose is to break boundaries.  In other words, we remove barriers between people and bring them together. We  surprise people with the unexpected and enable our players to do the same.  Our purpose also stands for harnessing the latest technology and creating impactful game experiences that stand the test of time.

Breaking boundaries is reflected in our studio’s cornerstones: versatility, creativity, technical excellence and live service mindset. For our teams, this means working with multiple different games and technologies, always experimenting with new approaches. To stay at the top of our game, we provide our teams with ample opportunities to develop and grow.

We have heaps of technical expertise, and actively share and contribute to the Ubisoft technology ecosystem. Our commitment to live games provides an opportunity to experience and leave a footprint on the whole lifecycle of the game.

Ubisoft Redlynx team member working remotely on a frozen lake
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