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The Ubisoft Graduate Program 2022 is now open for applications

If you are ready to take the world of gaming to a new level, the Ubisoft Graduate Program is ready to help you get there. The two-year international program offers a great opportunity for recent graduates to dive deep into the world of gaming and develop their skills even further.

The Ubisoft Graduate Program 2022 is now open for applications and we could not be more excited!  This year we’re calling for all recent graduates in programming to join our Ubisoft Redlynx team of experienced developers, designers and business professionals in defining the future of gaming. Could our next graduate be you or someone you know? Read on!

We offer a two-year paid track in online or gameplay programming, during which you get to spend your first 12 months at our Ubisoft RedLynx studio in Helsinki and then the next 12 months in one of the Ubisoft’s other studios abroad. Needless to say, a once in a lifetime journey into the world of both mobile and HD games in an exciting, international setting.

Choose your track and apply by the end of February

You are eligible to apply for 2022 class if you have graduated or will be graduating in 2022 and have less than 1 year of experience (excluding internships and apprenticeships) when you apply.

Our graduates in programming, as members of the game development teams, play an important role in offering players the most comfortable, immersive & fun game experience possible. What we promise you are both real responsibilities from day one and an intensive learning program develop the skills needed to kickstart your career.

Learn more on the positions available and apply by February 28th (6:30pm Paris time):

Find more information on the program and the recruitment process:

So, are you up for the challenge and ready to take the next step in your career? Apply now, we can’t wait to meet you!