What is phobiaIII?:
Phobia III is a long term game project which started 1999 and is based on two action shooting games released late 90's. Phobia III is full freeware/coolware so you really get the full game free! BUT please read support section for how to encourage us to make more games for you to play for free if you liked this game.

What's new?:
Delelopers are sorry for delay.
All developers report to ICSSS (Internal Cleaning, Showering and Skin Scraping)
New gears in support sector!
Version 1.1 will be released!

Features of the game (FOTG):
Rendered hi-resolution 16 bit graphics
Lot's of custom made story animations to deepen overall feeling of game
Up to seven different weapons which all need different tactics agains different enemies
Four different alien liforms with common evolution line and symbiosis
Ice clear sound scenery
Custom made sound track in every level and menus
6 different levels with missions
Honour points to keep track of your career
Two and one player training with hiscores
Multi-layered storyline
Twisted humor - There's no humor anymore only SFATMOPIII
and lots of more...(check media section for images, video and music)

Features of the version 1.1 (1.1VF - Inverted order of words - new order):
MUCH Shorter death animation
Trooper doesn't get caught into walls or small pieces
Balanced one and two player modes
Fixed features (there're no bugs - If you found a bug - bring it to PETBUG sector)
Game is still totally free. Whiners report to ICSSS.

Current state of development of version 1.1 (CSODOV1.1):
Decided to make one(8.7.2002) will be ready by 2002
One new level and alien graphics ready
Much MUCH better FPS!
Bugs fixed

Comments and whatever to: