You've been waiting, and your wait is nearly over.



Yesterday we dropped the release date that our PC gaming fans have been demanding (even before Trials Evolution: Gold Edition was announced) and it's time to give you guys some of the meat from what Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is set to offer!


Global Leaderboards: claim victory in the world of Trials PC gaming, but only if you have the skill to withstand the pressure of thousands of riders breathing down your neck while they pursue their own glory.


Local and Online Trials MP: face off against the guy sitting beside you, or against a fellow Trials Fan half a world away. Put your skills to the test and be the first one to cross that finish line.


Access to the Trials Evolution Editor: Use the same tools that were used to create every track and skill game in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. Build your creations and turn them loose upon the world, things that others can't even imagine.


Two Games in One: Race through the Trials HD Warehouse and Trials Evolution's full world on over 120 activities from both Trials HD and Trials Evolution



Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, Trials is coming home.




What else? You guys have pushed the Trials series past 4 MILLION units! 4 million people have picked up a Trials title. That's a ton of Trials players, and I would like to thank each and every one of you, but I would lose my voice long before I got past the first ten-thousand or so, so from everyone at RedLynx, to all of the bike riding fans out there:


Thanks for making Trials a success, thanks for your feedback, and thanks for being the best fans anyone could ever hope for.


Until next time, we'll be seeing you on the Leader Boards.


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